Northwest NEWS

November 12, 2001


Message to Duvall city government: open your ears

The city of Duvall has expanded 330 percent in the last 15 years. They are working hard to enlarge the sewage treatment facility to accommodate even more growth. The mayor and most of the city council are also local business and real estate people. They are a likeable bunch of homegrown Duvallites who know how to make money.
   An ex-loan advisor at Valley Bank told me that the city charges $12,000 for a building permit. They hired a consultant who advised there was a lot of federal money available for the building of parks. I am not saying this is all bad. I like parks and the new Safeway, and I have made friends in Taylor Ridge and the new developments.
   What I want to say is: Expansion should no longer be the number 1 priority. The number 1 priority is to take responsibility for the traffic crisis that has been created. My dad taught me not to complain if I can't offer a solution. The best solution is probably to extend the 520 freeway to Duvall. That's long term; the immediate relief would be a four-lane Woodinville-Duvall Bridge and a four lane Hwy. 203 through Duvall. We also desperately need a light at 124th and 203. When the incumbent mayor and city council members use terms like "Old Flavor" and "Quaint" for a two-lane 203, it's utter poppycock. The fact is, they are bending to downtown business to keep a parking strip which accommodates about 30 cars. The old flavor of boutiques and antique stores is rather recent.
   I love my life in Duvall, and I don't oppose progress or regulated growth, but it's time to take responsibility for the jam it's created.
   Message to leaders: If you are determined to keep a two-lane 203, you had better come up with an alternate solution.
   Stop dancing around it. I don't think residents care much about office complexes, Riverside Plaza and multi-housing. We are tired of trying to drive through a funnel.
   On Halloween night, it took my wife an extra half hour to get home from Woodinville. Traffic was backed up to Mink Road. She saw no signs of an accident.
   Of course this is only my opinion from my point of view. I would invite other opinions on this matter and would also like the Duvall City Government to explain why they oppose a four-lane 203. They not only allowed this mess,but they also made a lot of money creating it. Duvall residents want answers and a valid game plan for traffic relief.
   Robert W. Toms, Duvall