Northwest NEWS

November 12, 2001


The real way to look at Medic One vote

Why does King County insist that we vote for tax increases to fund services that nearly every county voter considers essential? Why won't King County fund these essential services with money they already tax from us, even when we demand it? The voters have made it very clear that Medic One should be funded before most other county services.
   Well, here's one reason why we're made to vote on the essentials: Earlier this year, without a vote of the people, King County inserted the first $40 million taxpayer-financed installment into the Novelty Hill Road widening project. This money was necessary so the county could approve the next massive phase of the project.
   In those hearings, the county denied repeated public assertions that Redmond Ridge would require five lanes, and it "worked" the traffic analysis so Quadrant could avoid having to pay for a project that will eventually cost the taxpayers of King County $100 million or more.
   So another way to look at the passing of Medic One levy is that two year's worth of this Medic One tax, about $50 million per year, will fund the county's gift of $100 million to Quadrant to subsidize Redmond Ridge.
   I for one am really tired of being taxed to subsidize pork and corporate welfare especially when it's done with deception and blackmail.
   Michael Costello, Redmond