Northwest NEWS

November 12, 2001


Police Beat

Nov. 6: An auto dealership in the 13800 block of Northeast 195th Street called police after a customer took a 1986 Toyota MR2 for a test drive and never returned. The dealership reported that it is their policy for a salesman to accompany customers, however the suspect entered the unlocked car, found the keys in the ignition and drove off. The case is under further investigation.
   Nov. 5: The owner of a utility van left his vehicle parked at a loading zone in the 14000 block of Northeast 200th Street. Upon returning a few minutes later, he discovered the padlock on the back doors missing. An unknown suspect had gone through the van, and several boxes of personal items were missing. Police filed a report.
   Nov. 3: Officers came upon a car parked near the intersection of 131st Avenue and State Route 522. The officer noted that the engine was running and the car's lights on, but the driver appeared to be asleep.
   After police repeatedly knocked on the window, the driver awoke. A routine records check showed the license of the driver to be suspended in the third degree. The officer instructed the driver not to drive because of the suspended status. The driver agreed and the officer left the scene. A few minutes later, the officer observed the same car being driven down the street with the suspect behind the wheel. The suspect was stopped and after the officer noticed the odor of alcohol, the driver was investigated for Driving Under the Influence.
   Nov. 2: Officers responded to the 13400 block of Northeast 175th Street for a reported theft. The clerk was counting money out of the till when one of the suspects began asking questions about a food display. The clerk left the till to assist the suspect.
   That's when the second suspect reached over the counter and grabbed the cash. Both suspects ran from the store while several witnesses watched. The case is under investigation while officers review a store security video of the suspects.
   Nov. 1: A parent was parking his car for a Woodinville High School football game when he observed a pickup drive into the same lot. The truck, containing two teenage males, slowly circled the lot and stopped behind a Chevrolet Tahoe. That's when the passenger jumped out and smashed the back window of the SUV. The parent got out of his car and yelled at the boys. The passenger jumped back into the truck and fled the scene, but not before the witness wrote down the license plate. Officers tracked down the registered owner of the truck and responded to that address.
   Upon arrival, officers saw a truck fitting the witness' description parked in the driveway. Officers were met at the door by a woman who said she knew nothing about the incident and had not been driving the truck. When questioned further, she told police that her teenaged son normally drives the truck. When officers asked to speak to her son she told them that he was not home.
   Officers then informed the woman that they would be immediately impounding the truck as evidence. The woman went upstairs and returned with her son.
   The teenaged son stated to police that he was not at the game. He told officers that he had been at a friend's house during the time in question. The case is under further investigation.