Northwest NEWS

November 12, 2001


Council adopts Year 2002 budget

The Bothell City Council adopted the Year 2002 budget at its regular meeting on Nov. 5. The budget for all funds is $56,228,844, which includes $3,377,367 of transfers between funds; there are fund balances and reserves of approximately $14,419,641. Transfers include movement of money between city funds for asset replacements and insurance, charges to the city's enterprise funds and administrative operations.
   "City staff worked diligently to plan and develop the Year 2002 budget in a timely manner," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "The Council put in many hours of analysis and review during the past two months, holding two workshops with staff, five Council meetings with public testimony and additional committee meetings. We applaud their efforts in passing a balanced city budget."
   Highlights of the 2002 budget include funds for the replacement and maintenance of city vehicles and equipment, as well as plans to enhance environmental protections to the city's water and sewer systems. Another priority for the city is community outreach, which is reflected in the budget. The city will continue to devote funds to and develop its new Neighborhood Networks Program and Business Community Outreach initiatives. While the budget does include new positions in public safety, environmental safety and recreation, the new positions will not be filled until changes in the national, regional and state economy are addressed.
   Due to declining revenues from the city's construction sales taxes, the city continues to find alternative ways to fund city services and continue to provide necessary services as efficiently and effectively as possible. Bothell has continued to choose limiting property tax growth to its residents by adopting a 1 percent increase for fiscal year 2002, which is lower than the Implicit Price Deflation (IPD) of 1.89 percent, the standard property tax increase. Last fiscal year, the city also chose to limit its increase below the IPD. In fiscal year 2001, the IPD was 2.61 percent, however the city limited its increase to 2 percent. Bothell City Council has a continued commitment to its residents in limiting property taxes.
   City of Bothell Year 2002 budget copies are available for review at Bothell City Hall (18305 101st Avenue NE).