Northwest NEWS

November 12, 2001


More Brightwater sites?

Last week, the Brightwater Siting Advisory Committee - charged with overseeing the site selection process for the region's new sewage treatment plant - recommended an additional two sites be added to the list of proposed locations already under consideration.
   A majority of the committee felt the Point Wells site (between Shoreline and Woodway on Puget Sound) and the Fruhling Gravel Pit site (in the 400 block of 228th Street on the border of Bothell) should be included as potential Brightwater sites.
   And they said so in a letter penned to the King County Council, whose job it is to decide whether to reinstate the two sites.
   In mid-September, King County Executive Ron Sims chose two final candidate sites from a field of six: the Edmonds Unocal site and the Route 9 site. He felt these two locales could best withstand the rigorous scrutiny of the selection process. But those who favor additional sites for consideration are concerned Sims' two sites may not be enough.
   By adding another two sites now, they reason, the committee may prevent a delay in schedule should one of the two chosen sites prove flawed. By state law, any site undergoing environmental impact study must have an alternative.
   Dissenting members of the siting committee submitted a minority report to the county council pressing them to keep Point Wells and the gravel pit off the list.
   These committee members consider the Unocal and Route 9 sites the only two worth further study. Furthermore, they argue that adding sites would just add time and expense to the environmental assessment.
   The county council will make its decision about the potential treatment plant sites at its Dec. 10 meeting.