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November 12, 2001

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A traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Cranberry-Glazed Roast Turkey with Gravy
   1 10-12 lb. turkey
   1 Tbsp. salt
   1 tsp. ground ginger
   2 carrots, evenly diced
   2 stalks celery, evenly diced
   1 large onion, evenly diced
   2 cloves peeled garlic
   2 cans whole-berry cranberry sauce
   1/2 c. Madeira wine or orange juice concentrate
   1-1/2 Tbsp. flour
   2 c. clear chicken broth
   Salt and pepper to taste
   Lower the oven rack to its lowest position and preheat oven to 325 degrees.
   Remove giblet packet and neck from the turkey. Remove wing tips. Rinse the turkey in cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Rinse and reserve all of the turkey parts.
   Cut the neck into 1-inch pieces. Split the gizzard into four pieces.
   Mix together salt, white pepper and ginger. Season the turkey's cavity with half of this mixture. Truss (tie) the tail and legs together with butcher twine.
   Place the turkey in a 9 x 13-inch baking dish or 4 qt. oval roaster with rack.
   Spread the chopped vegetables and whole garlic cloves in the pan around the turkey. Put the turkey parts on the vegetable mixture in the pan. Sprinkle the rest of the seasoning mixture on the vegetables.
   Place the pan in the oven and roast the turkey for approximately 3 hours, basting it periodically with its natural juices. During the last half hour of roasting, test for doneness by pressing on the leg and piercing the joint between the leg and thigh with a skewer. The juice will be clear when the turkey is done.
   Combine cranberry sauce with Madeira wine (or orange juice concentrate for a non-alcoholic alternative) in a small saucepan and heat just until boiling.
   During the last 15 minutes of roasting, glaze the turkey with the cranberry sauce mixture, spreading to coat evenly with a basting brush.
   Remember, once the pop-up timer pops, the turkey will continue to cook for 5-15 minutes after being removed from the oven. Remove the turkey from the pan, pouring all the juices that have accumulated in the cavity into the roasting pan. Place the turkey on a large platter or on a rack with paper towels underneath it and let it rest.
   Using oven mitts for safety, place the roasting pan on the stove and brown the vegetable mixture. Add the flour and cook two minutes longer. Add the chicken broth. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes.
   Strain the sauce though a sieve and add salt and pepper to taste. Before serving, gently skim the fat from the top of the gravy. Carve turkey for serving.
   Classic Bread and Chestnut Stuffing
   1 lb. loaf white bread
   1 c. diced onions
   1/2 c. diced celery stalks, prewashed
   2 oz. canola oil
   4 eggs, beaten lightly
   1-1/2 tsp. salt
   1 tsp. white pepper
   1 tsp. ground ginger
   1 16 oz. can chicken broth, divided
   Optional: 1 c. roasted, peeled and quartered chestnuts or 8 oz. canned chestnuts, quartered, or 6 oz. dried chestnuts, soaked overnight and simmered until tender, drained and quartered
   Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
   Cut bread into even cubes about 1-inch square. Place bread on cookie sheet and toast in oven until lightly browned. Remove and lower oven temperature to 300 degrees.
   Heat oil in saute or frying pan and add onion and celery. Saute for five minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure even cooking.
   Put toasted bread cubes in a bowl. Add the eggs, seasoning and 12 oz. of the chicken broth. Mix gently without letting the mixture get mushy. If the mixture is dry, add the remainder of the broth.
   Add the chestnuts (or 1 c. of any favorite add-ins, such as sauteed mushrooms; chopped, pitted prunes or apricots; sauteed sausage meat, shucked, chopped oysters; sauteed apple slices; or any combination thereof.
   Turn the mixture into a lightly oiled 2 qt. baking dish and shake the dish to help air pockets settle.
   Bake about 45 minutes until firm. Let rest 20 minutes before serving. Cut into squares or just scoop to serve.
   Cider Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables
   3 c. apple cider (sparkling or nonsparkling) or apple juice
   1 c. semi-sweet white wine (such as Riesling or Gewurstaminer)
   3 Tbsp. butter
   1-1/4 lbs. red-skinned sweet potatoes or yams
   1-1/4 lbs. white turnips
   1-1/4 lbs. parsnips
   1-1/4 lbs. yellow turnips (rutubaga)
   Salt and pepper to taste
   Preheat oven to 425 degrees.Boil apple cider and wine in heavy saucepan until reduced to 3/4 c., about 30 minutes.Whisk in butter. While cider is boiling, peel and cut vegetables into 1/2-inch pieces. Divide between two 9 x 13 baking dishes. When roasting vegetables, it is preferable to spread them out; if only one roasting dish is available, toss vegetables several times during roasting to ensure even cooking and crisped edges.Pour cider/wine mixture over vegetables. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss to coat.
   Roast until vegetables are tender and golden, stirring occasionally, about 40 minutes. Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley or chives to serve.
   Potato Gorgonzola Gratin
   2 medium-large, thinly sliced potatoes
   1/2 medium onion, thinly sliced
   1 medium, tart green apple, unpeeled, cored, thinly sliced
   1/2 c. milk or half and half
   3/4 c. Gorgonzola or blue cheese, crumbled
   2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese
   Salt and pepper to taste
   In an 8 or 9-inch casserole, arrange half of the potatoes. Layer onion and apple. Layer remaining potatoes and season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour on milk. Cover with foil. Bake at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes until tender. Remove foil; top with cheese. Bake uncovered 10-15 minutes until lightly browned
   Makes 4-6 servings.
   Hearthside Cider
   1 (32 oz.) bottle cran-raspberry juice cocktail
   1 (32 oz.) bottle apple cider or apple juice
   2 c. water
   6 whole allspice
   2 whole cinnamon sticks
   6 apple cinnamon or orange spice herbal tea bags
   1/2 c. firmly packed brown sugar
   1/2 c. lemon juice form concentrate
   In large sauce pan, combine juice, cider, water, allspice and cinnamon sticks; bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add tea bags; cover and let stand 10 minutes.
   Remove tea bags and spices. Add sugar and lemon juice from concentrate; stir until sugar dissolves. Serve warm.
   Perfect Pumpkin Pie
   1 (15-oz.) can pumpkin (2 cups)
   1 (14-oz.) sweetened condensed milk
   2 eggs
   1 tsp. ground cinnamon
   1/2 tsp. ground ginger
   1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
   1/2 tsp. salt
   1 (9-inch) unbaked pie crust
   Toppings (recipes follow, optional)
   Preheat oven to 425 degrees. With wire whisk or mixer, beat all ingredients except pie crust. Pour into prepared pie crust. Bake 15 minutes. Reduce oven heat to 350 degrees. Continue baking 35-40 minutes, or as directed with one topping of choice, or until knife inserted one inch from edge comes out clean. Cool. Garnish as desired. Store covered in refrigerator.
   Sour cream topping: In medium bowl, combine 1 1/2 c. sour cream, 2 Tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. After pie has baked 30 minutes at 350 degrees, spread evenly over top; bake 10 minutes longer.
   Streusel topping: In medium bowl, combine 1/2 c. packed light brown sugar and 1/2 c. unsifted flour; cut in 1/4 c. (1/2 stick) cold butter or margarine until crumbly. Stir in 1/4 c. chopped nuts. After pie has baked 30 minutes at 350 degrees, sprinkle evenly over top; bake 10 minutes longer.
   Chocolate glaze: In small saucepan over low heat, melt 1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate ships and 1 tsp. solid shortening. Drizzle or spread over top of baked pie.
   Green Bean Casserole
   1 can cream of mushroom soup
   1/2 c. milk
   1 tsp. soy sauce
   Dash pepper
   4 c. cooked, cut green beans
   1 can (2.8 oz.) French fried onions, divided
   Mix soup, milk, soy sauce, pepper, beans and 1/2 can onions in 1-1/2 quart casserole.
   Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until hot. Stir.
   Sprinkle with remaining onions. Bake 5 minutes
   Makes 6 servings.
   Herb Roasted Turkey
   1 can (14 oz.) chicken broth
   3 Tbsp. dried basil leaves, crushed
   1 tsp. dried thyme leaves, crushed
   1/8 tsp. pepper
   1 12-14 lb. turkey
   Mix broth, lemon juice, basil, thyme and pepper
   Roast turkey according to package directions, basting with broth mixture.
   Let stand 10 minutes before slicing. Discard any remaining broth mixture.
   Makes 4 servings.