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November 12, 2001

Local News


Bothell gets 'two-fer': storage tank, ball field

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   The oft' discussed Brightwater Treatment Plant isn't the only wastewater project in the offing these days. In fact, work is ready to begin on a giant six-million-gallon storage tank, to be constructed in front of Bothell's North Creek Pump Station, located at 18707 North Creek Parkway. When the tank is competed in the fall of 2003, the city will construct a much-needed athletic field atop it.
   Now if you can imagine a regulation-size football field whose length is 300 feet, you can probably imagine this storage tank. Just keep in mind it's going underground. Its dimensions will be 328 feet long by 36 feet tall by 193 feet wide.
   "With that visual in mind," said Carolyn Duncan, public affairs manager, King County Department of Natural Resources, "you can see how during a storm it would be important to be able to hold that much water."
   And the county sees the tank as a key to preventing sewage overflows and backups in the north Lake Washington service area.
   "This storage tank will allow our system to better handle the huge volumes of storm water mixed with wastewater that fill our pipes during bad storms," said King County Executive Ron Sims. "The tank will help us protect public health and the environment by preventing spills and overflows."
   "We'll be digging a big hole the size of a football field," Duncan said of the construction process. "We'll lay steel shoring and put concrete in the framing."
   Preliminary staging begins next month, with the serious digging to begin in January.
   And once the construction on the tank is complete, Bothell will get a new youth soccer field on top of it.
   Clark Meek, city of Bothell parks superintendent, envisions a field big enough for U-10s or less to play on. "U-10 or less" refers to teams with players 9-years-old or under. These younger age groups play with smaller teams (eight players per side, 16 on the field at one time) and smaller fields. Meek hopes the field will be an adequate size for T-ballers, as well.
   "Building the field is two years away," said Meek. "Obviously, we're going to make it as big as we can, but we won't know the actual size until the last manhole cover is placed. Looking at construction drawings is fine, but things tend to shift a bit as construction progresses. We want to ensure adequate safety from obstructions."
   Right now Bothell has five multipurpose fields and three additional soccer fields.
   "The partnership between King County and Bothell will allow us to meet the demand for youth sports fields," said Bothell Mayor Mike Noblet. "Simple infrastructures like restrooms and lights will help increase the usability of the recreational facilities, including the opportunity for tournaments. This, in turn, will bring benefits to the local economy."