Northwest NEWS

November 19, 2001


Police Beat

Nov. 12: A woman and her daughter parked their car in the 12700 block of Northeast 178th St. and went inside to play soccer. Five minutes later the daughter went back out to retrieve something from the car. She found the window broken and her mother's purse missing.
   Nov. 9: A man called the police to report his wallet had been stolen. When officers arrived to take a statement, the man explained to police that the night before, he and his girlfriend had gone to a local bar. There they met another woman and consumed several drinks.
   The three then decided it would be a good idea to purchase some cocaine. They left the bar, stopped by a pharmacy to pick up a prescription of Valium, then drove to an apartment complex to buy the drugs.The man told police that it was during this drug purchase that he took his wallet out, paid for part of the cocaine and then threw his wallet on the dashboard of his car. After taking the drugs in the parking lot of the apartment complex, the three drove around.
   The man told police that eventually he drove the friend back to her apartment building and then fell asleep in his car. It was the next morning when the man awoke and realized his wallet was missing. He called his bank to discover that his debit card had been used three times and his account was now overdrawn. The case is under investigation.
   Nov. 9: Three suspects entered a store in the 17900 block of Garden Way. A store employee noticed one of the suspects place a box of shoes under his coat and walk out. The suspect placed the box in his car and then walked over to an adjacent business. The employee called police who arrived immediately and contacted the suspect in the parking lot.
   The suspect confessed to police and took them to his car where officers recovered the stolen property. The case is being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney.