Northwest NEWS

November 19, 2001


Sno-Valley North wins in semi-finals

The Greater Eastside Football league has approximately 4,000 kids ages 7-14.
   Based on age and weight, the kids are placed into five levels Rookie, Cub, Sophomore, JV, Varsity. The Sno-Valley North team is at the Cub level, mostly 10-year- olds. Coaches are Jeff Kriegbaum and Coy Chittenden.
   It was a hard fought game, these kids have a never-give-up attitude.There have been games that were won at the buzzer, or end of the game, but nothing like this. Not even pro, college or high school have I seen a game that contained this much excitement.
   After going back and forth the first half, Woodinville had a break-away run for TD; at the half it was 0-6 with Woodinville in the lead. With the 3rd quarter being a defensive battle, the Vikings were on the 2-yard line with 4th down, but they went offsides and did not score.
   With six minutes on the clock the Vikings marched down the field four yards at a time and scored.
   After missing the extra point the score is 6-6. Woodinville had to use all their timeouts on their drive to try and stop the Vikings. They got down to the 11-yard line and ran out of time as the buzzer sounded.
   Once again the Sno-Valley defense held an opponent with three minutes left in the game, and stopped them from scoring. This happened in the previous week playoff game victory.
   Just like in college, place the ball on the 25 and go.
   The Vikings had the ball first but could not get the first down, then it was the Falcons' turn, but they also could not move the ball.
   Now, on to the second round, after watching the tape, the whole stands are shaking from all the parents jumping up and down.
   Now the ball moves to the 10 and the Vikings did not score. Now it's the Falcons' turn, and they go offsides on 3rd down and then attempt to pass. The Sno-Valley cornerback intercepts the ball and the parents go "crazy."
   Now on to round 3, the Sno-Valley Vikings punch the ball in the end zone, but fail to get the extra point, making the score 12-6. Now its Woodinville's turn they make a 5-yard run off-tackle and it's 2nd and 5. They try the same play and get three yards, 3rd down on the 2. The fans on both sides are having a great time.
   Again running off-tackle, the running back runs through the hole, the linebacker steps up hits the running back in the hole and stands him up, then the cornerback takes the ball from him on the 6-yard line preventing him from crossing the goal line. The referee standing two feet from the play conferences with the other officials, and THE VIKINGS WIN!
   Total chaos comes from the kids on the field, the parents and even the coaching staff. This by far was the most exciting thing that has happened to all of us in any sport.
   The game qualified the Sno-Valley North Vikings to play in the Superbowl Nov. 17 at Pop Keeney in Bothell.