Northwest NEWS

November 19, 2001

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Carnation police levy failing

City to adjust services
   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   CARNATION­ Proposition 1, the city of Carnation's $108,000 police protection levy, came up just short of passage with 57 percent of voters approving the measure.
   The proposition needed 60 percent of favorable votes to pass. Officials had decided on a second try for the measure after voters rejected it in September.
   The levy would have paid to maintain current staff levels at two full- time officers and one part-time chief. The city contracts with King County for police services.
   City Manager Woody Edvalson said last Friday that when it looked like the proposition would go down to defeat, the city made plans to adjust staffing levels.
   "The consensus of the City Council is to change the patrol level to what's called flex coverage," he said. "That would mean the city would have about the same level of patrol as the unincorporated areas have."
   Edvalson said the council is also considering increasing the police chief's hours from part time to full time.
   "That would give residents a person to talk to on a regular basis," he said. "There would be more time for him to be in the schools and be more of a true liaison for police services."
   He emphasized that what is important about the adjustment is that it allows the city to keep expenditures within revenue.
   "Formerly the city has used reserves to meet the deficit and now the City Council has taken steps to live within our means," he said. "In the short term there is not a rosy future for revenues. The city needs to live within revenue projections rather than depending on reserves."