Northwest NEWS

November 26, 2001


The Thanksgiving Day Fairy

If there ever were an election for a Thanksgiving Day Fairy, my mother would win by a landslide. Every year my mother prepares a succulent Thanksgiving dinner (watch out, Martha Stewart), cleans the house for holiday guests, works full-time and unselfishly bakes pumpkin pies for the homeless. Sound familiar?
   Well, before you qualify for your fairy wings, read on: Remember those pies I mentioned earlier? Well, this year my mother baked 52 pies for charity. It's a family tradition that my mother started 26 years ago when she baked two pies for charity and then doubled the number for every subsequent year.
   On Thanksgiving eve after the pies have cooled (and the kitchen looks like the set of Twister without the flying cow), my family carefully loads up the car with pies to deliver to the Gospel Mission of Seattle.
   Finally, we carry each pie into the soup kitchen where flabbergasted and grateful employees thank us for our hard work and generosity. It's a ritual that my mother started to help my sister and me understand that the holidays are not simply about receiving gifts. They're about giving.
   Even though my sister and I are much older now and are very familiar with the concept of giving, we promise to carry on the family tradition. So, remember to thank the marvelously generous people like my mother who really do exist not just in fairy tales.
   Nicole Trolio, Woodinville