Northwest NEWS

November 26, 2001


Police Beat

Nov. 18: A witness watched as an older green pick up truck slowly circled a parking lot in the 12700 block of Northeast 178th Street. A few minutes later the truck sped out of the lot. The witness, who saw a gold mini-van with a broken window, went into a business and contacted the owner. The owner of the van came out to discover that her purse and some money were missing. The witness did not get a description of the two suspects in the truck or a license plate number.
   Nov. 17: Three victims reported car prowls within a short period of time. Officers responded to the 14000 block of Northeast 181st Place for two reports and one in the 18000 block of 142nd Avenue Northeast. The suspect entered all three cars by making a fist-sized hole in the rear windows. Once in the car, the suspect took stereos and compact disks.
   Nov. 17: A man taking the eastbound Highway 522 exit slammed on his brakes when another car pulled directly in front of him and then came to an immediate stop.
   The two cars made slight contact with their bumpers. The driver of the car who cut in front jumped out of his car in a rage. Yelling and swearing, he approached the victim, kicked in his front quarter panel and then pulled open the driver's side door and threatened to kill the victim. Other drivers in the area stopped to call police. The enraged man then repeatedly kicked the victim's door, caving in the side of his car. As a crowd gathered, the suspect ran back to his car and sped off. The police took statements from witnesses and the victim, and the case is under further investigation.
   Nov. 17: A man celebrating his birthday at a local establishment in the 12800 block of Northeast 175th Street was taking pictures with a new digital camera. He set the camera down while playing a game of pool and came back to discover it missing. None of the other patrons had seen anyone take the camera. Police contacted the manager who has surveillance video of the entire evening. The case is under further investigation.