Northwest NEWS

December 3, 2001


Thanks to resident who took sign seriously

As a long standing member of the Water Tenders group, I want to express thanks and appreciation to Keith L. Gilson who really cares about our local streams.
   Last summer, Mr. Gilson noticed some young boys trying to catch some fish in Daniels Creek. He was concerned that these might be returning salmon and told the boys to leave the fish alone, and they did.
   Mr. Gilson had read the sign by Daniels Creek which says "This Stream Is In Your Care," and he took it seriously.
   He also noticed that it looked like the creek was blocked by debris and he tried to contact various officials to take care of the problem. King County sent various experts out to look at the problem and it was determined that although it was dense vegetation in the creek, there was still room for fish passage. However, they will continue to monitor the site.
   This is the kind of citizen participation which does make a difference. Mr. Gilson noticed something which other people might not be aware of. He brought it to our attention. It would be wonderful if everyone in Bear Creek Valley cared as much about our streams as Mr. Gilson.
   Thank you to Keith Gilson for caring and expressing himself.
   Wendy Walsh, Woodinville