Northwest NEWS

December 3, 2001


Sanitation without representation

Come Dec. 10 King County Council is going to vote on sites for Brightwater, the proposed new sewer treatment facility for King County.
   And where are these sites? Every site is in Snohomish County.
   Am I the only Snohomish resident having a problem with this? How is it one jurisdiction has authority over another? How are the interests of the residents of Snohomish County being addressed? Who on King County Council has Snohomish County residents' best interests at heart?
   In the years to come when money is an issue for design, safety, environmental protection, or whatever impacting on Snohomish County residents, King County Council will only have to answer to King County constituents. We in Snohomish will have no political leverage.
   Yes, some of us may be using the facilities, but it will be a case of sanitation without representation.
   I've asked over and over again how did this situation come to be and nobody has given me an answer. The whole setup seems un-American to me. It may be legal, but it doesn't seem "right."
   Adelaide W. Loges, Mill Creek