Northwest NEWS

December 3, 2001


Police Beat

Nov. 27: Employees returned to work in the 13400 block of Northeast 175th Street after the holiday weekend to discover a large hole cut in the perimeter fence. An inventory search revealed two boat propellers missing. Each propeller is valued at $800.
   Nov. 26: A woman parked her 1990 Toyota Camry at the local park and ride. She and her husband left for the weekend only to return and find the car missing. At first they thought the car had been impounded. However, after phone calls, it became clear that the car had been stolen.
   Nov. 24: Around noon, a woman drove her recently purchased car to work and parked it in the 13300 block of Northeast 175th Street. She went out to the parking lot around 6:30 p.m. and discovered her car stolen.
   Nov. 24: An officer contacted two teens in the 17600 block of 132nd Avenue Northeast. The teens were standing behind a business.
   The officer advised them that local merchants were having problems with people hanging out behind the buildings. A routine records checked revealed that one of the males had a suspended driver's license. The officer gave the two a warning and went on his way. A few minutes later the officer observed a car pass by with the teen with the suspended license at the wheel. The car was stopped and the driver arrested for driving while his license was suspended. In a standard search incident to arrest, the officer found two bags of marijuana. The arrested teen was carrying $2,000 in cash on his person.