Northwest NEWS

December 3, 2001


Northshore schedules public hearing for realignment

At its Dec. 11 meeting, the Northshore School Board will hold a public hearing to review a proposed redistricting plan of the five school board director boundaries. The federal 2000 census data indicates the need for this action. Public comment is invited at the 4 p.m. meeting which will be held at the Ricketts Building, 18315 Bothell Way NE. Both school board policy and state law require the public hearing and the re-districting plan. Board action is scheduled for January 8, 2002.
   The law is designed to assure that every official's vote reflects a similar constituency. Northshore School District has five elected officials that the entire district citizenry elects at-large, even though to qualify to run for office, each member of the board must reside within a specific director district. The elected official is accountable to the entire school district, not his or her director district.
   The 2000 Federal census figures indicate that two of Northshore's five school board director districts did not grow like the other three. Director districts grew from an average population of 18,043 per district in 1990 to 21,547 per district in 2000. Director District 4 (Inglemoor area) grew at the fastest rate from a population of 19,648 to 25,208 while Director District 5 (Woodinville area) lagged behind the average, going from a population 16,669 in 1990 to 18,825 during the ten-year period. This uneven growth requires a realignment of the internal director district boundaries.
   State law and school board policy require that the director districts be of similar populations, inclusive of entire communities and aligned with natural boundaries. The redistrict plan calls for expanding Director District 5 by shifting its common boundary with District 4 westward to make 5 larger in population. Specific details of the territory shift will be discussed at the public hearing on Dec. 11.