Northwest NEWS

December 10, 2001


Last Thursday a good man died

by Carol Edwards
   Chuck Eberhart was a colorful, interesting and good man. Best known for his work on behalf of the Multi-Service Center, Cottage Lake Park and the Upper Bear Creek Community Council, he was also an authority on rocks.
   In the past few months, Chuck held several rock sales at his home, parting with his beloved rocks and sharing stories about how he found each of them on hunts throughout the country.
   I first met Chuck in 1976 but my favorite time with Chuck was when he spent a couple of weeks as The Woodinville Weekly volunteer receptionist. It was a time when we were between employees, and his stint as receptionist was definitely wild and interesting. When he answered the phone at the office, he was such an enthusiastic person, he didn't waste time on small talk. "What do you want," he would bark on the phone when customers called. Visitors to the paper would be doubled over in laughter after he waited on them and told stories about the history of the Woodinville area with his special brand of humor. He also handed out rock samples from the basket he kept at the front desk and signed everyone up for membership in his favorite rock club.
   Chuck was once a handsome Navy pilot and he lived his life with that same gusto.
   Our sympathies to his wife, Barbara, and to his family. We will miss Chuck.