Northwest NEWS

December 10, 2001


Guest Editorial: Thank you, Louise Miller

by Carol Edwards
   A community has a life of its own. You can see some of this life when you drive down any main street.
   It is most visible in the morning when children of all ages board school buses; service trucks head out on their assigned routes; delivery trucks stock local stores; and milk trucks, which seem of a different time, make their rounds.
   All colors and models of cars and trucks travel through beautiful wooded areas past parks, libraries, shopping centers, residential areas and open land. Most of these drivers, however, do not think about what it took to develop our area.
   You have to be amazed that it all works. Schools run on time, streets are maintained, parks are open, land is zoned, rules are followed.
   And it all works because of cooperative citizens, our type of government and our elected officials elected officials such as Louise Miller.
   I have known Louise Miller for 25 years as one of the strongest advocates for the community. She has served our citizens tirelessly in many capacities, most recently as our King County councilperson.
   I have watched her become extremely knowledgeable of community issues, specifically water and sewer matters, environmental concerns and human services.
   Because of Louise, our community works better.
   Her more visible accomplishments include such things as Cottage Lake Park. Other achievements that are not so visible are rooted in King County regulations and laws that protect the community for the future.
   At community meetings Louise, as a water district commissioner, a legislator and a councilperson, has always listened to her constituents, moved to action and been a supporter of the common good. She has supported good programs that continue today because of her involvement.
   As Louise retires this month from elected public service, we, the community, owe her a great deal of gratitude and thanks for all she has done.
   Everyone knows Louise well enough to believe that she will continue in her own way to serve the community.
   Thank you, Louise.
   Carol Edwards is the owner/publisher of The Woodinville Weekly, Northlake News and Valley View newspapers.