Northwest NEWS

December 10, 2001


Wiring needs to be underground

I am writing in regard to the recent wind storm on Saturday, Dec. 1. Power went out in my neighborhood for at least the 15th time in the last 23 years. The power outages can last from hours up to 2 or 3 days. A couple of times my family has gone to a hotel. It has been that cold. I realize now that I should have bought a generator when I bought my home.
   The area is from 154th Avenue to 158th Avenue on Northeast 160th Street in Woodinville. One time a squirrel caused the outage. Every other time the outage has occurred in a 200-ft. stretch of fir trees on the south side of Northeast 160th Street. All of the homes north and south of this intersection have underground wiring.
   Another problem: When a tree falls across Northeast 160th Street at least 50 homes have no way out. If there were a medical emergency we would need a helicopter.
   Other possible outlets have been blocked.
   Would Puget Sound Energy consider putting 200 ft. of wiring underground?
   Would the homes involved chip in and pay for this work?
   Dick Brown, Woodinville