Northwest NEWS

December 10, 2001


City council needs to hear from Bothell residents

I'd like to give a heads up to Bothell residents regarding some proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.
   Amendments #2 and #5 drew at least six real estate developers to the Monday, Dec. 3, Bothell City Council meeting.
   It would definitely be in the developers'best interests to be allowed to build 15-story buildings in Canyon Park or 6-story buildings on the east slope of the North Creek Valley (the hillside across the valley floor from the University of Washington campus.) These gentlemen represented the Benaroya Corporation, SPF Holdings of Seattle, Smitz Northwest and the Canyon Park Business Center.
   Another, a Mount Vernon resident who owns the hillside on the east side of the valley, complained that he is paying taxes on property he can't develop under the Comprehensive Plan's current prohibition on development on land with a 15 percent slope. Each expressed pleasure that the council was considering changes and encouraged the council members to pass the amendments.
   Would these amendments be in the best interests of the property owners who live in Bothell, particularly on the east side?
   Our city council members are right now being petitioned by developers who want to build higher offices and denser multi-family complexes in the North Creek and Canyon Park areas.
   If you make your home in Bothell and are ready to have the rampant growth slowed down, you need to tell the council.
   Their business is to listen hardest to the wishes of Bothell residents, but how can they unless we tell them? Call the city planner at (425) 486-8152 or e-mail at ( Or contact a council member.
   The next meeting to consider these amendments is 6 p.m. on Dec. 17 at the Bothell Municipal Court Building. I'm sure the developers will be there.
   Pam Williams, Bothell