Northwest NEWS

December 10, 2001


Snohomish County residents should be shown the 'paper trail'

I know Brightwater is coming before King County Council Monday, Dec. 10. I know a lot of work has gone into this project to date. I know sewage treatment plants are needed. I understand south Snohomish contracted for King County services back when Snohomish was all rural for the most part. I'm disappointed, as no matter how hard I try, I cannot figure out the basis for one jurisdiction (King County) being able to come into another (Snohomish County) and pick real estate for a sewage plant they will be operating. Furthermore, the elected representatives (chosen to look out for the interests of their constituents) of the chosen area feel they cannot address the concerns of their constituents at this time because they will be in a quasi-judicial position in the future when they are granting permits.
   I think, at the least, the citizens of Snohomish County are owed the courtesy of being shown the "paper trail" that allowed this seeming travesty of the "American way" of representative government.
   Adelaide W. Loges, Mill Creek