Northwest NEWS

December 24, 2001


2002 city budget approved by Woodinville City Council

WOODINVILLE The Woodinville City Council adopted the Year 2002 budget at its Dec. 3 regular meeting. The budget was adopted via City Ordinance No. 301 and became effective Dec. 15 for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2002. The combined budget for all 41 funds is approximately $34.6 million. Revenue is forecast at $12.6 million with 74 percent ($9.3 million) in tax revenue. The 2002 budget includes $8.6 for operating costs, debt service of $556,000, surface water expenditures estimated at $1 million and capital expenditures of $7.9 million.
   State law requires city managers of council-manager municipalities to propose a budget to the City Council by Nov. 1. After hearings and review, the balanced budget must be approved by City Council by Dec.31.
   "It is evident that departments took great care to retain our current level of service and make important improvements in service level, capital projects and major planning initiatives," explains Mayor Randy Ransom. "This budget is consistent with the 2002 City Council goals adopted in October. We are respectful of the will of the voters and have a balanced the budget within the property tax restriction imposed by Initiative 747."
   The budget incorporates the impact of declining sales tax and I-747. Since Woodinville's incorporation, the Council has retained the property tax rate at $1.60 per thousand in assessed valuation. With the property tax increase limitation the 2002 rate will be approximately $1.50 per thousand.
   2002 Highlights
   The new year will see the completion of long-range planning projects including the Downtown Master Plan, Little Bear Creek Corridor Study and the Community Center Facilities Plan.
   "This is an important year for the community to tune in and participate in planning the future," explained Pete Rose, city manager, in his budget message. The balanced budget also includes payment ($1.93 million) for the Sorenson School building and a facilities budget to manage needs for the city hall and community center buildings. The purchase of mowers will enable in-house shoulder mowing and better storm pond maintenance. The budget further incorporates two new positions: custodial maintenance worker and computer programmer for GIS and Web support. Employee pay and benefit cost of living adjustments are included as well.
   A 2002 Budget Highlights packet is available by contacting City Hall at (425) 489-2700. For specific budget questions, contact Jim Katica, finance director, at (425) 489-2700, Ext. 2260.