Northwest NEWS

January 7, 2002


Perspective is everything

We have never written to a newspaper, but after reading the article in the December 17th issue "Tree Festival was disappointing for family," we wanted to share our experience.
   Our family recently moved from Redmond to Duvall. We moved to this area to enjoy a more rural, small town environment. We love the atmosphere and experiences each time we go to town. Everyone is friendly and seems to know one another. Few people are in a hurry. We enjoy the "child friendly" environment in all the businesses, including the post office, bank, and grocery store. Each time we experience the "small town" environment we came here for.
   We made it a point to take our family to the Tree Lighting Festival, hoping for another "small town" Duvall experience. We were not disappointed.
   We liked the low key environment, including the fact that the parade consisted of a fire truck and a police car and the little sacks with candles in them lining the streets along the parade route.
   When our children spotted Santa on top of the fire truck they were excited and did not want to leave to go to the bonfire until Santa was safely off the truck. When Santa was seen handing out free candy canes, there was a rush to his side. Everyone got something.
   We walked a short distance in the dark to the bonfire where friendly people were singing Christmas carols. We had hot cider and watched the tree lights come on. We were lucky enough to catch a hayride. The ride was adventuresome, and at one point the driver stopped and told a funny story.
   After the event we walked to Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant to complete a fun evening "Duvall Style." We wouldn't want it any other way.
   We pray that this little town does not change.
   The McLeod Family, Duvall