Northwest NEWS

January 7, 2002


Woodinville Skate Park

My family is excited about the addition of a skatepark to Woodinville. In fact, one of my sons has attended meetings that the city has put on. For me to take time to write this means I feel really strongly about the issue I am about to raise with you.
   In the article on the skatepark, a picture of a child was included that talked about his being a visitor to the area looking for a safe, fun place to skate. I was disappointed to see two things. One, the fact that we did not publish a picture of one of our own residents was a missed opportunity not the end of the world, for sure, but none the less, a disappointment.
   The second concern is a grave one. The fact that the child did not have a helmet on is inexcusable. We need to provide role models in all forms of communication with our children. They need to know that wearing a helmet is the "norm."
   This is a missed opportunity of the gravest kind. We have seen in the past year in the Woodinville Weekly a story about a child who did not have on a helmet that I used with my children to reinforce why wearing a helmet is life-saving. I could not use that picture to reinforce the importance of helmets.
   Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. I believe this is a critical oversight that we should tell readers about.
   Sherry Stoll, Woodinville
   Ed. Note: The Woodinville Weekly apologizes for running the picture of a skateboarder without a helmet and agrees that the wearing of helmets is extremely important. The skater on the front page is the son of an area resident, though he was visiting here at the time.