Northwest NEWS

January 7, 2002


Bothell police chief announces retirement

BOTHELL - Bothell Police Chief Mark L. Ericks has announced his retirement after 30 years of police service.
   City Manager Jim Thompson has promoted Deputy Chief Forrest Conover to the chief of police position.
   "The City of Bothell is fortunate to have the caliber of personnel that we do," said Thompson.
   "Chief Conover did an outstanding job as deputy chief and I look forward to his leadership as the new chief of police for the City of Bothell."
   "I am honored to become the chief of police for the City of Bothell," said Conover. "The police department and I look forward to the challenge of continuing to provide the highest level of police services possible, especially during a time when community security has taken on a whole new meaning."
   Coming from a family with law enforcement background, Conover has been with the city of Bothell for 18 years, with a total of 19 years spent in law enforcement.
   Starting as an entry-level police officer, he is the only police staff member to hold every rank with the Bothell Police Department including detective, sergeant, captain, deputy chief and now chief.
   Prior to coming to Bothell, Conover began his law enforcement career as a communications officer for Snohomish County Sheriff's Office at the SNOPAC Communications Center in Everett.
   Chief Conover's law enforcement career highlights includeF:
   Working as a field training officer, evidence technician, fingerprint specialist, hostage negotiator;
   SWAT team commander for six years;
   Disaster Preparedness Manager for the city of Bothell's Emergency Management Committee since 1994;
   Responsibility for recruitment, testing, and interviewing newly hired police officers for 11 years from 1989 to 2000.
   Ericks to become assistant to Bothell
   City Manager
   Effective Feb. 1, Ericks will become assistant to the Bothell city manager.
   Some of his primary responsibilities in the new position will be to work on securing plans for a new City Hall and public works department facility.
   "The ability to remain in the community that I care for so much, and in which I've invested so heavily, played a key role in the time of my decision," said Ericks.
   Ericks' law enforcement career began in the late 1960s as a reserve police officer for a Snohomish County police agency while he was employed with the Snohomish County Juvenile Court. He later served as a police officer in Snohomish County.
   In the early 1970s he hired on as a patrolman with the city of Bellevue Police Department where he advanced to the rank of lieutenant. In 1990 Ericks became chief of police with the Bothell Police Department.
   During his tenure, the police department grew from 18 police officers to its current total of 54 officers and 30 civilian staff members.
   He was instrumental in the construction of the new downtown police station which opened earlier this year.