Northwest NEWS

January 7, 2002


Cascadia teach-in probes Sept. 11 tragedy

BOTHELL - Cascadia Community College faculty continue to probe deeper into the global effects of the Sept. 11 tragedy and its aftermath. Winter quarter will start the second phase of in-depth campus-wide discussions between students and their instructors.
   The focus this quarter will be "The War on Terrorism: Context for New Perspectives." A variety of issues will be examined through teach-ins, where faculty members speak on topics related to their fields of study and engage students in lively discussions.
   "The committee that is organizing this event feels very strongly in globalizing our curriculum so our students realize they are part of a much larger, international society," said Dr. Paul Petrequin, an organizer of this event who teaches history and philosophy. The discussions, which will be held every other Monday in the afternoon starting on Jan. 14, will include: A Regional Context for the War in Afghanistan; The Domestic Front; The Role of the Media; International Political Economy; and Terrorism.
   For students, the teach-ins give the opportunity to learn about current events in a way they might not be able to through textbooks or the media.
   "The first teach-in was very helpful because I was able to learn about terrorism issues that the news wasn't willing to tell me about," said Cascadia student Dan Nolte. "I'm really looking forward to the next series of discussions."
   Through the teach-ins, the students also realize what an asset their instructors are in the classroom as they have an opportunity to hear them lead a stimulating discussion around timely issues in front of a large group.
   "I'm very proud of our faculty for the knowledge they bring to this college and their willingness to devote extra hours to bring this global perspective to our students," said Dr. Jean Hernandez, Vice President for Student Learning.
   For more information, contact Suzanne Ames, Director of Communications at (425) 352-8256.