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January 7, 2002

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Sno-Valley Vikings are 2001 Superbowl 'Cub' Champions

   by Valley View staff
   After two tough playoff games, the Sno-Valley Vikings football team went up against Issaquah in the Superbowl game at Bothell's Pop Keeney Field in late November.
   Defensive coach Jeff Kriegbaum said the whole team made it, all of them, no egos, no problems, "just these 15 kids who wanted to play football. These kids by far are the best kids we have ever coached. Sometime after the 9/11 tragedy, the team started playing to their ability, hitting harder and just playing with heart. I always felt it was the American flags we had placed on our uniforms ... the coaches told the kids at practice that, 'you are Vikings and Americans and no one can take that from you.'"
   Offensive coach Coy Chittenden agreed.
   "We have a great bunch of kids this year," he said.
   Assistant coaches Brian Johnson and Vince Vasquez rounded out the coaching staff.
   The game started with Issaquah controlling the football, which continued through the first half.
   They marched down the field and then stalled on the 30-yard line. Sno-Valley took over on downs but could not move the ball.
   After Sno-Valley got off a good punt, Issaquah took over on the 45-yard line. After a couple of first downs from running up the middle, Issaquah ran a miss-direction play and scored on a 23-yard touchdown run. Sno-Valley coaches called timeout for the extra point, knowing this could be the deciding factor in the game. Issaquah attempted to run right, but Nate Johnson stepped up and made the tackle on the one, generating cheers from the Sno-Valley crowd.
   Issaquah kicked off with an onside kick and recovered the ball. Then after several attempts to run the ball, they failed to get a first down and Sno-Valley took over on downs.
   The offense led by Craig Chittenden, with Kenny Bates and Nate Johnson in the backfield, drove the ball to the 3-yard line. But on 4th down run, the running back slipped and Sno-Valley did not score. That ended the first half with the score 6-0 Issaquah.
   The second half was all Sno-Valley. After stopping Issaquah on defense by some excellent tackles by Jacob "Corndog" Kriegbaum, Chittenden, Bates, and Scotty Brittan, Sno-Valley took over on their own 30-yard line.
   With Kevin Lindsey hiking the ball and using the blocking Of Tyler Rooney and Cody Watts, Nate Johnson was able to get a break-away run for 60 yards and score. Again following Watts and Rooney, Johnson scored,and the extra point was good to bring the score to 7-6 Sno-Valley.
   Both teams were struggling to move the ball. Sno-Valley had 4th down and elected to
   punt. Chittenden got off a 40 yard punt (unbelievable at this level). Issaquah
   took over, but on their first play, they fumbled and the ball was recovered by Sno-Valley. Then they marched the down the field with the blocking from Steve Brown, Josh Stark and
   Vince Vasquez and scored with 55 seconds left on the clock. The extra point failed, so it was 13-6 Sno-Valley.
   The defensive pressure put on by Christian King and JD "Waffles" Gorman, was tiring
   the Issaquah offense. Unable to run at Mike Stockman, Chittenden, and Kriegbaum, they
   attempted to run up the middle, and then right, but time was running out. Issaquah attempted a pass with 10 seconds left, but Brett DeRooy intercepted and Sno-Valley won the game.
   "The kids were filled with emotion, some are crying ... four months of hard work, practicing in the dark with lights, pouring rain, homework, injuries, and just day-day life, finally overflowed," said Kriegbaum. "We have reached our final goal, that four months ago, seemed unattainable. We had one motto 'HIT and have FUN', and we did."
   The head coaches for the Sno-Valley football program are Jeff Kriegbaum (Defense), Coy Chittenden (Offense) and Assistant Coaches Brian Johnson and Vince Vasqeuz.
   "So, the next time you are at the store and see someone with a Viking jersey and
   a American flag over their heart, say 'You guys won the Championship for Football,'
   and look for the big smile, and then listen for the 'Yes we did,' followed with a big smile," said Kriegbaum.
   Defensive coach Jeff Kriegbaum contributed to this report.