Northwest NEWS

January 14, 2002


Lose weight and property values fast

We have been looking for another [home] to buy on the Eastside and have toured many neighborhoods in recent months.
   Whenever we arrive back in Woodinville, something immediately strikes us: how trashy it looks due to all of the cans and bottles that are strewn by the side of the road and those unsightly signs posted on utility poles that promote everything from garage sales to weight-loss scams.
   Not only does Woodinville looked trashed in comparison to other communities, but it is having an impact on our property values. Two would-be buyers have told us that they have given up on Hollywood Hill because of the trashy roadways.
   Where do the city and county stand on this issue? Is that the price we pay for living in an area that wants to maintain its "rural flavor?" Other communities like Kirkland and Redmond don't seem to have the same problem.
   I'd like to hear from other readers - and maybe even the city or county.
   D. Martin, Woodinville