Northwest NEWS

January 14, 2002


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial: Planning to improve quality of life

* Quality of life unsurpassed anywhere is one reason people move to Washington state - and move they have. Since 1990, more than a million people have come to the Evergreen State, bringing new talent and greater diversity to our neighborhoods and communities.

Penmanship standards are needed

*Although the news has been full of educational reform not a word has been written about penmanship standards.

Lose weight and property values fast

*We have been looking for another [home] to buy on the Eastside and have toured many neighborhoods in recent months.

'Smooth ride' was misdirected

*Your Vol. 26, No. 6 edition headline is misdirected. The real "smooth ride" was for the voters who voted for Tim Eyman's 747 initiative.

Over 200 blankets were donated

*We the students at Woodinville High School would like to thank the community for their generous support during our annual blanket drive in December.

Rural landowners will see more lock-up-the-land ordinances

*It's abominable that the King County Council Democrats did not give council committee chairmanship to Republicans David Irons and Kent Pullen.

What has John Walker done?

*John Walker is not the first nor will he be the last Amerian citizen who joined a foreign army in order to fight for a cause. Many of the other soldiers of the Al Queda, mostly Arabs, also went to Afganistan from other countries just as he did.

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