Northwest NEWS

January 14, 2002



NOV. 30 - Several neighbors called 911 just after 3 a.m. about people screaming at each other in the street. Officers interviewing the three men in the street learned that someone had shoved a muddy stick into the gas filler neck of the victim's vehicle and broken it off. At 3 a.m., while the victim was visiting friends, something caught his attention outside. He found the branch protruding from his car, saw two of his neighbors walking down the street, decided they were the culprits and accosted them. An officer questioning the two learned that they had been on legitimate business.
   DEC. 8 - Between 6 p.m. on Dec. 7 and 10:30 a.m. Dec. 8 a business was burglarized. Entry was gained through a small opening in bars pulled back from a window. Money was stolen from the cash drawer and products were taken from shelves. Suspect(s) left by the same route as the entry, because the front door had a deadbolt which could only be opened by a key.
   DEC. 8 - At 10:40 p.m. an officer observed a familiar minor in the parking lot of a gas station, located in a drug-free zone. The minor is an active dealer with multiple arrests for the sale of marijuana. He was leaning through the window of a car and making hand contact with the passenger. The vehicle quickly left as the officer approached. When interviewed by the officer, the youth said he was just borrowing a cigarette. Later the occcupants of the vehicle said they had been collecting a $10 debt. The juvenile said he didn't sell marijuana anymore, and didn't have any on him. Given permission, the officer found on him a glass pipe with residue smelling of burnt marijuana, a bag of marijuana, cigarette papers and three more identical bags of marijuana. A $20 bill found in his pants pocket was consistent with the selling price for the bags of marijuana. He was booked into the King County Youth Center.
   DEC. 14 - Two juveniles left school for about three hours, returning to school high on marijuana. Upon their return they were interviewed by the school principal, counselor and a police officer, and were released to their parents.
   DEC. 29 - At 4:02 p.m., three officers went to a residence looking for a felony warrant subject. While there they encountered an individual who had on him 61 grams of cocaine, a glass pipe, and two butane lighters. The man claimed he didn't know what the white powder in the bag in his pocket was and that he had found it in the trash can. He has a history of failure-to-appear and warrants, is a known meth "cook" and refused to give a current address or other contact information. He was placed under arrest.
   DEC. 30 - Several individuals witnessed a young man run out of QFC with two 12-packs of beer. He had waited until the manager and checker were busy before exiting the store, ran to a vehicle with its motor running, and was driven away at a high rate of speed by another juvenile. Police have the license number and descriptions of the car and the juveniles.