Northwest NEWS

January 14, 2002

Front Page

Woodinville's new mayor, deputy mayor take office

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   On Monday Jan. 7, Scott Hageman became Woodinville's fifth mayor. He was elected by the City Council with a unanimous vote. Council member Carol Bogue was elected deputy mayor by a unanimous vote as well. Hageman and Bogue bring experience to their new posts. Hageman served on the City Council for the past six years, with nearly four of those years as deputy mayor. Bogue has been a city councilmember for the past four years.
   The election took place after the Oaths of Office Ceremony, which included the swearing in of six councilmembers who were selected by voters in last November's general election. Chuck Price, Cathy Weiderhold, Carol Bogue, Bob Miller, Gareth Grube and Don Brocha raised their right hands and took the oath of office before Judge Anne Ellington. Hageman was the only member of the Council not sworn in and the only member whose term hadn't expired at the end of 2001.
   Hageman looks forward to working with the Council and city staff. "This is the year of the plans," he says. The city is currently working on the Downtown Master Plan and the Comprehensive Plan and continues to seek citizen input. Says Hageman, "The Council is asking the public, 'What are we going to do? Where are we going to go?' How are we going to get there?'"
   After examining what citizens tell them, the Council will refine the vision for the future of Woodinville. "There are a lot of decisions that will need to be made," Hageman says. He points out that City Manager Pete Rose will speak about the direction of the city in his annual State of Woodinville Address at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Jan. 17.
   A resident of Woodinville since 1985, Hageman is a physical education instructor for the Lake Washington School District. He's also a UW Husky fan and an outdoor enthusiast. In the winter he volunteers for the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol and in the summer he's the director of the Crystal Mountain Bike Patrol. Whether he's in the mountains or at home, Hageman is an avid bicyclist and supports alternative transportation wherever possible. "I bike commute whenever I can," he says.
   His wife, Susan Peterson, works as an attorney in estate planning and probate and the two are expecting their first child in February.
   Both are active members of the University Presbyterian Church in the U-District where Peterson is president of the board of directors of Street Youth Ministries. Hageman sings tenor in the church's Cathedral Choir.
   Asked what he likes most about living in Woodinville, Hageman answers, "I enjoy the community and citizens, and the lifestyle and recreational opportunities." He adds, "It's a young, vital, progressive community with a tremendous future in front of it. The citizens are very savvy and they truly care about the community they live in."
   Deputy Mayor Bogue has lived in Woodinville 17 years and enjoys the city's citizens and lifestyle also. "I like the atmosphere of the city," she says, "that's why we moved here." In addition, she says that Woodinville offers great opportunities for kids and has good schools. Bogue works with youth in various organizations including her church and as president of the Cascade Youth Symphony.
   As Woodinville's mayor, Hageman will preside at all City Council meetings and will officially represent the City at special ceremonies and events.
   As deputy mayor, Bogue will take over Mayor Hageman's duties on the occasions of his absence at Council meetings or official events.
   The offices of mayor and deputy mayor are two-year terms and will expire December 2003.