Northwest NEWS

January 21, 2002


No new taxes, just replacement taxes at a lower rate

We enthusiastically support passage of the Northshore School District's bond and levy requests. These taxes replace current education taxes being paid by residents of the district yet represent a drop in the tax rate from $5.98/$1,000 of assessed valuation to $5.17/of assessed valuation.
   We believe that approval of the Maintenance and Operation Levy request is critical. This levy represents over 20 percent of the current general fund budget and must be approved just to maintain current educational programs.
   The district has managed our taxes well in the past and it has a solid reputation across the state. We are proud of the outstanding educational program the district provides and the professional staff that delivers those programs. Passage of all three measures will allow Northshore to maintain current educational programs and class size; stay current with the changing demands of technology; provide safe, secure learning environments for schools.
   Remember, there are no new taxes this year - only replacement taxes at a lower tax rate. Please join us and vote yes on Feb. 5.
   Chuck and Jean Fowler, Woodinville