Northwest NEWS

January 21, 2002


Renewing our commitment to education

I am writing to you with questions that keep popping up. The first is: Why does it appear that a stop light is being installed at the intersection of 124th and West Snoqualmie Valley Road. I could swear that the most obvious and common sense thing to address is the intersection 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I actually saw crosswalk pre-spray for the site. Needless to say, there is no foot traffic in that area.
   I do imagine that there is a solution underway for the high percentage of the traffic accidents on the 124th and 203.
   I am welcoming the arrival of Becky Nixon into the city of Duvall. Perhaps she can give some reason why the city decided to paint our new bridge five different colors and feature some very expensive stones - four to be exact - at both entrances of the bridge and still keep Duvall looking as old town. That brings up my other question: Why didn't we put six feet of fill on either side of the new bridge to reduce or eliminate the road closures on 124th. I feel the expense would have been minimal, and the reward beneficial. I think if the old mayor had made one small effort to ask Cadman Corporation for a small donation of crushed rock or even an offer of good faith on their part, there may have been an easy solution to a difficult problem.
   I just hope the citizens of Duvall don't have to face the hassles of driving into Carnation or Monroe in order to get home if, by chance, Duvall gets torrential rain for a couple of days between the closure of the Duvall Bridge and anew gateway into Old Town.
   Sean C., Duvall