Northwest NEWS

January 21, 2002


Police Beat

Jan. 7: A manager reported to work in the 18000 block of Garden Way to discover the alarm going off. The police arrived and found the store ransacked. The main door to the office was splintered into pieces.
   The safe inside the office had fresh pry marks around the door. Officers also discovered a dolly nearby that had been used in an attempt to wheel the safe out of the building. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, the safe was too heavy. Officers lifted numerous prints from the scene.
   Jan. 7: A man called in a prescription to a pharmacy in the 17600 block of Garden Way. When he arrived at the pharmacy to pick up the prescription, the pharmacist became suspicious and called the doctor. The doctor confirmed the pharmacist's suspicion that the prescription was forged. Officers arrived and the suspect admitted to being addicted to the pain killers and to forging the prescription.
   Jan. 7: The owner of a car went to look at his car that was being auctioned by a business in the 13800 block of Northeast 195th. When the man couldn't find his car, he reported it to the employees and to the police. Police interviewed the owners who had no idea how the car might have been stolen.
   Jan. 7: A husband and his wife pulled up to their mailbox located in the 14400 block of Woodinville-Redmond Road. However, they were not able to get to the mailbox due to a large Suburban blocking their access. The husband yelled out the window for the driver to move the Suburban. That driver responded that he'd move when he felt like it. Communication quickly broke down to swearing and verbal threats. Finally, the Suburban was pulled away from the mailbox and drove up the road a bit.
   The husband exited his car and stood by the mailbox.
   The driver of the Suburban reportedly accelerated in reverse toward the husband and came to a stop in front of the mailboxes, hitting and knocking the husband to the ground.
   Police arrived and took statements from the mailbox owner and his wife.
   While investigating, the driver of the Suburban pulled up to the scene. Officers contacted the driver and took statements from all parties involved. The case is under investigation.