Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


Vote yes, yes and yes for Northshore schools

Northshore School District is one of the best school districts in the state.This is, to a large extent, because of the strong support that we, the Northshore community, have given the district. It's time to crank up that support again on Feb. 5 when we will be asked to vote for three important measures on a special school election ballot: two levies and a bond issue. One levy is to supplement inadequate state funds so that the district can provide the education that we demand for our children. The other levy, for technology upgrades and expansion, will assure our children a 21st Century education for their 21st Century futures. The bond issue will finance capital improvements to provide an effective educational environment and to protect our investment in the district's facilities.
   I was a member of the district's Capital Projects Task Force. Our job was to evaluate the district's facilities needs and recommend a construction program to the school board for the bond issue. We deliberated over a six-month span, not to decide which projects were important and which ones weren't, but to determine which of the district's many important needs should be given the highest priority, while limiting the total cost to a reasonable level. I was gratified to see how dedicated and conscientious the task force members were in tackling this tough job. I know the two levies were considered and developed in a similarly meticulous way.
   To continue Northshore's educational excellence, it is important for us to pass all three ballot measures. They complement one another. Their passage will not mean any new tax burden for us. They will simply replace previously approved measures that will drop off the books. In fact, the three measures together represent a lower tax rate than we approved in the three previous school elections.
   So, on Feb. 5 let's vote yes, yes and yes for Northshore schools - and really for ourselves and our children.
   Herb Schwarz, Bothell