Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


Past school remodels helped learning experience

I urge voters in Northshore School District to approve all three school measures on the Feb. 5 ballot. Each proposition replaces expiring taxes. If approved, they will decrease the school tax rate we are paying today from $5.98 per $1,000 of assessed property value to $5.17.
   Proposition 1 is a Maintenance and Operations Levy that funds about 20 percent of the district's general budget not covered by state funding. More than three-fourths of this funding covers support for teachers and school personnel who make such a difference to our students - such as elementary music, reading and P.E. specialists; instructional assistants; librarians; school nurses; safety officers; and club and activity advisors and the associated costs of extracurricular activities.
   Proposition 2, the Technology Levy, maintains and upgrades the technology infrastructure, hardware and software used within our schools.
   Proposition 3, the Capital Projects Bond, modernizes existing classrooms, renovates older schools, improves fields and makes schools more accessible to adults and children with disabilities. All three of my children attended Northshore schools since kindergarten. I can see how school remodels paid for by past bond issues benefited their learning environments at Moorlands Elementary and Inglemoor High School. Though they are no longer attending Northshore Junior High, I'm thrilled that this bond issue will help modernize this school, too.
   Let's keep our schools strong. Remember to vote on Feb. 5 and please approve all three propositions.
   Kathy Sharp, Bothell