Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


Sno-Valley Senior Center initiates intergenerational programs

The Sno-Valley Senior Center in Carnation has teamed up with Intergenerational Innovations (II) to develop programs that will connect elders, 55 and over, with students and seniors.
   The center is hosting an II AmeriCorps member, who will develop programs that promote academic achievement and developmental assets. She is Michele Iverson of Fall City. AmeriCorps is a national service program, similar to the Peace Corps. Depending on the center's needs Iverson will be developing one or more of the following programs:
   Kinder Korps, which teams children with caring elders as tutors and mentors to provide individual attention to children and classroom assistance to teachers.
   Computer Pals, which provides opportunities for elders to learn how to use the computer through their middle school and high school-aged tutors, followed up by interactive e-mail relationships and occasional community service events and social gatherings with children.
   Caring Communities, a variety of ongoing community partnerships that bring together groups of neighboring elders and children to share a variety of community service projects and engaging activities.
   Formed in 1991, Intergenerational Innovations is the only organization in the western United States that is solely dedicated to creating opportunities that bring children and elders together in volunteer service to each other and the community.
   A United Way partner agency, II houses the West Coast's only intergenerational program resource center, which is located in Lake City and is open to the public. More information about the programs at Sno-Valley Senior Center is available by calling Iverson at (425) 333-4152. More information about the Intergenerational Resource Center is available by calling (206) 525-8181.