Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


Police Beat

Jan. 22: Officers responded to an alarm in the 13700 block of Northeast175th. An unknown suspect broke into the restaurant through the south door. Once inside, the suspect took $15 out of the till and attempted to gain access to the safe. Owners found the safe damaged, but unopened. Several prints were lifted.
   Jan. 22: An officer arrived at Wilmot Park to lock and close the public restroom for the night. However, when he opened the door it was quickly slammed back in his face. After another attempt with the same result, the officer called for backup. A minute later the door opened and four teens emerged reeking of marijuana. Officers arrested and Mirandized the three boys and one girl. A search incident to arrest revealed drug paraphernalia and several stashes of marijuana. Criminal possession charges to follow.
   Jan. 22: The manager of a shoe store located in the 17900 block of Garden Way watched as two suspicious males entered the store. They milled about for 10 minutes before the manager noticed them walking toward the door carrying nine boxes of shoes. She asked them what they were doing, to which one of the suspects responded, "Taking some shoes!" The men bolted from the store but the manager was hot on their tail. While police responded, the woman chased the suspects through the parking lot and up the street. As the group raced past 177th, two employees at Jet City Pizza joined the pursuit. Eventually the suspects dumped the shoe boxes and ran into some thick blackberry underbrush. Officers arrived and flushed the suspects out. Cut, scraped and out of breath, the suspects were arrested.
   Jan. 21: A man and his family parked their car in the 17600 block of Garden Way and went into the store to shop. Upon their return they discovered a silver aluminum briefcase placed underneath the driver's door. A hand-written note placed on top of the case stated, "Enjoy with my compliments."
   The police were contacted regarding the unknown and unusual briefcase. Officers called in the Bomb Disposal Unit who arrived to the scene with their dog. The dog indicated that the briefcase may contain explosives. The area was evacuated and secured and the Bomb Unit proceeded to open the case. Inside they found a new Citizen wrist watch and a ball point pen.