Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


Library district seeks M & O levy approval

King County Library District is asking voters to approve its Proposition No. 1 - a maintenance and operation levy - on the Feb. 5 ballot. The measure will provide continued funding for the normal operation and maintenance of the King County library system. This will allow for the preservation of the current level of services, programs, resources, and building maintenance and repair of all 42 community libraries.
   The proposition seeks to restore its 2002 levy rate to 50 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, to be collected in 2003.
   The ballot measure would authorize the district to exceed the limitation imposed by Initiative 747, which limits total property tax revenue to 101 percent of the previous year's revenue.
   The district states rejection of this proposition would lead to its revenue being scaled back $5.8 million, necessitating cutbacks in library services, staffing and open hours, programming, acquisitions and maintenance and repairs throughout the district.