Northwest NEWS

January 28, 2002


WSDOT prepares to open final HOV lane segment on I-405

Construction crews are months ahead of schedule and nearing completion on an HOV project on I-405 providing the final link in completing the HOV system on the Eastside. This final link extends the HOV lanes from the SR 527 interchange in Canyon Park, north to Lynnwood, where I-405 joins I-5.
   The HOV lane segments will open in phases, starting with the northbound direction. Crews have been making preparations to open the northbound direction, working behind the barrier, installing a guardrail and striping the outside edge of the roadway. Crews started nighttime striping operations for the new northbound HOV lane segment Jan. 17. No lane closures will be in effect during morning or evening peak traffic hours.
   The southbound direction will be striped and open, after completing the remaining noise walls and paving in the vicinity of the I-5/I-405 interchange. This striping operation is also weather dependent and is planned to begin in late winter or early spring. The entire four-mile section of I-405, from SR-527 to I-5 will be resurfaced and re-striped in both directions this spring and summer to improve the ride quality of the roadway.
   The original anticipated opening for both directions of this HOV lane segment was fall 2002.
   By the end of the project, I-405 will have one continuous, uninterrupted HOV lane the entire length of the corridor. The completion of this segment is anticipated to reduce the daily total number of hours of "stop and go" traffic in that area of the corridor.
   In addition to widening the highway for a northbound and southbound HOV lane, this project consisted of building noise walls, widening bridges, constructing storm water detention ponds and installing SC & DI (Surveillance Control and Driver Information), which includes cameras and equipment that measures traffic volumes and HAR (Highway Advisory Radio). Ramp meters will be activated at on-ramps at the SR-527 interchange in early fall. The Washington State Patrol will also have safe turn-around areas and enhanced areas to enforce driving laws. The traffic cameras along this stretch of roadway will be accessible to the public via WSDOT's internet site at