Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2001


Roundabout location is dangerous

I grew up in Australia where there are many roundabouts and I object to this proposal to build a roundabout on Highway 203 for two reasons: Most roundabouts that I am familiar with in Sydney, Australia, are built on busy city streets to increase traffic flow and not on major rural highways like the one proposed for 203, which has become a semi-truck bypass system between the passes. Psychologically one has to adjust to roundabouts from an early age. The state will be putting human lives in jeopardy by experimenting with a roundabout in this location. Mental reactions will become confused since roundabouts are not prevalent in this state.
   When I first heard of this proposal, I thought the roundabout was going to be put on the other side of 124th Street where the new traffic lights have been installed. This would have been a more appropriate location. I urge citizens and trucking companies to protest such a dangerous roundabout location.
   Pamela Majerle, Duvall