Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Project should be put to a vote or dropped altogether

After reading the letter to the editor in the Woodinville Weekly from Heidi Collins of Duvall, I wholeheartedly agree with every word she wrote. She must have done a lot of research and homework to analyze the results of such a project as the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Highway 203 and Northeast 124th if it were to become a reality. Yes, why don't other problems like the flooding, etc., be taken care of instead?
   This brings me to write about the proposed roundabout at the Hollywood intersection, State Highway 202, Northeast 143rd St. and 148th. All that is needed there is longer controlled traffic lights for traffic during the early morning hours and afternoon commute back through that intersection. Just because a few complaints were made about those rush hours - every well-traveled intersection has these problems. A little patience, allowing more time for travel would help.
   Has anyone thought of what the cost of a roundabout would be? Changing telephone lines, electric lines, underground utilities - let alone cutting into the property on all four corners - would be exorbitant.
   The Schoolhouse property has already lost much frontage, and it has been suggested the service station be eliminated, (where many stop to get gas, phone, etc.). The antique mall would lose parking space; the Hollywood Vineyard shopping mall has already protested. Every car going in there would have to make a right hand turn down the highway before they could go north. There are so many reasons why the roundabout should never be done. Let the city work on improving downtown Woodinville traffic solutions instead. Foot traffic and bicyclers would have no way of crossing the intersection either. Just by going there and studying the traffic and the area affected, it can be seen that by adjusting the traffic lights to longer timing north and south would solve the whole problem.
   Why doesn't this whole idea be put away? I'd like to know just how many people are really in favor of this? We have friends who have had incidents happen at the roundabout in Monroe, almost getting hit, and also not being let in the line of traffic. There's also no way for anyone walking to get through going any direction. I think something such as this million dollar project should be put to a vote or dropped altogether.
   Helen McMahon, Hollywood Hill resident since 1923