Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Just a note to warn all you equine folks

Last week, a friend of mine and I rode our horses to Hollywood Hills Arena. We board our horses near the pipeline so it is about a 1/2 hour ride to Hollywood Hills Arena. Our arrival was uneventful until we heard what we thought was a gunshot. Needless to say, this was upsetting to our horses and to us as riders. The horses shied, spooked and generally tried to tell us that the sound disturbed them. We both chalked it up to riding horses in a small town: Just one of those things.
   Then we heard it again and few minutes later we heard a number of bangs (about 10 in succession).
   This time we identified the sound as firecrackers. We decided to leave as our horses were becoming highly agitated. As we started our ascent up the hill toward our home, a teenage boy between 13-15 years old ran out of the woods up the hill in front of us. He had short brown hair and a heavy tan corduroy jacket. I yelled at him asking if he had set off the firecrackers, if he had a brain and had any idea how stupid and dangerous it was to set off firecrackers near mounted horses? A few more descriptive words followed from me as he ran off ignoring my questions. As we made our way home we both wondered if he was around the corner waiting to let off some more firecrackers and really cause our horse to spook, unseating us. We both decided that was his intention all along. What a sick, malicious and cowardly way to get your kicks.
   I called the police a few days later to see what their response would be to my concerns. After answering as many questions as I could about the event, the officer told me that if it was ever to happen again that I should immediately call 9-1-1 and they would send a police car by to try and apprehend the delinquent. I will now carry my cell phone with me whenever I go for a ride.
   I felt it was my duty to write about this incident so that anyone who rides horses in Hollywood Hill would be aware of the possibility of it happening to them. Also that person guilty of this atrocity should be aware that "we" are looking for you.
   Heidi and Bailey, Margot and Rascal