Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Once the wide open spaces are gone, we'll never get them back

Everyday the traffic gets thicker, the lines get longer, and the crowds get denser. Years ago Western Washington was mostly wide-open country, with plenty of clean air and elbow room. Now we're starting to look like another Los Angeles. Our farmlands and forests are disappearing under parking lots and strip malls. Once the wide open spaces are gone, we'll never get them back.
   We need to protect more wild spaces so we can get out of the traffic, refresh our spirits and enjoy the freedom of being out in nature once in a while. I've heard that an effort is underway to protect the Skykomish Wild Country near Index as wilderness. By protecting the Wild Sky as wilderness, we can keep a sizable chunk of open space protected from roads, noisy dirt bikes and snowmobiles, developers and other special interests who care more for a fast buck than our quality of life.
   I'm all in favor of this idea and I'm asking my congresswoman, Jennifer Dunn, to get behind this bill and see that it gets passed. Let's keep the Evergreen State green.
   Jan Reinking, Woodinville