Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Acts of kindness are remembered fondly

A month has passed since Christmas and we are still getting feedback from our families about their Christmases. We continue to hear "We would not have had Christmas without you;" "We didn't know how Santa was going to be able to come to our house this year;" "The gift I received was the only Christmas gift I got;" "We had the nicest Christmas this year."
   Our heartiest thanks go out to the patrons and workers of the Woodinville Post Office. Again this year, you took the names of our children and seniors and purchased gifts for them. You did this from your heart. You did not know the person or expect a thank you note.
   Twenty-eight years ago I was a single mom with three children. That particular Christmas was very stressful and painful for me. We were adopted by a local grange. They brought us food and gifts. My children are adults now and they still remember this Christmas with warm memories. We were shown love from strangers. Your acts of kindness showed our food bank families this same love.
   Thank you for helping us make Christmas 2001 very special for our families. God bless each of you.
   Fran Walster, Maltby Food Bank Director