Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Letters to the Editor

Roundabout location is dangerous

*I grew up in Australia where there are many roundabouts and I object to this proposal to build a roundabout on Highway 203 for two reasons

Project should be put to a vote or dropped altogether

*After reading the letter to the editor in the Woodinville Weekly from Heidi Collins of Duvall, I wholeheartedly agree with every word she wrote.

Just a note to warn all you equine folks

*Last week, a friend of mine and I rode our horses to Hollywood Hills Arena. We board our horses near the pipeline so it is about a 1/2 hour ride to Hollywood Hills Arena.

Community giving brought smiles

*On behalf of 80 happy family members and the Northshore YMCA staff, we wish to extend a hearty thank you for the community's involvement in our "2001 Members Helping Members" holiday giving program.

Once the wide open spaces are gone, we'll never get them back

*Everyday the traffic gets thicker, the lines get longer, and the crowds get denser. Years ago Western Washington was mostly wide-open country, with plenty of clean air and elbow room.

Acts of kindness are remembered fondly

*A month has passed since Christmas and we are still getting feedback from our families about their Christmases. We continue to hear "We would not have had Christmas without you;" "We didn't know how Santa was going to be able to come to our house this year;" "The gift I received was the only Christmas gift I got;" "We had the nicest Christmas this year."

Howard Miller made a difference to students

*I am a student in the Parade Program at Riverview School District which offers classes to home-schooled kids.

Radio antenna plan fails to follow Fish and Wildlife Department guidelines

*KRKO, whose conditional use permit for radio towers was heard by the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner on Jan. 31, bought 35 acres to build eight radio towers, one of which is 425 feet tall on flood plain, wetland, salmon habitat and migratory bird flyway.

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