Northwest NEWS

February 4, 2002


Duvall Police Report

Courtesy of the Duvall Police Department
   Jan. 22 - A business owner reported his vacant property on Stewart Street had been broken into. The lock on the front door had been broken but there was nothing inside to take.
   Jan. 23 - Officers responded to a two-car non-injury accident at N.E. Ring on Main St. The offending driver was issued a ticket.
   Jan. 23 - A Duvall woman, stopped for speeding, was arrested for driving with a suspended license.
   Jan. 25 - A theft was reported from an antique business on Main St. Several small, but expensive items were taken from a locked display case.
   A citizen saw a delivery driver hit a parked car and leave the scene without leaving information. He wrote down the plate number and called 911. The driver was contacted and confronted about not leaving information. She stated she was going to call the victim from her business. The driver's license and insurance information was given to the victim.
   Jan. 26 - Police responded with the fire department to an aid call. The patient was a small child with diabetes.
   Jan. 26 - The Veteran's Hospital called police and asked them to check the welfare of a man on Kennedy St. After an assessment, the fire department transported the patient to a Seattle hospital.
   Jan. 27 - A vehicle was reported stolen from the parking lot of Safeway. The truck was found on Novelty Hill Road. It had been wrecked and is a total loss.