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February 4, 2002

Local News

Opinion poll to provide valuable input for city's planning

WOODINVILLE - During the first week of February, some 300 Woodinville homes will receive a phone call from the city's research firm, Herbert Research, Inc., asking the resident to participant in an opinion survey.
   The purpose of the survey is to gauge citizen satisfaction with current city services, gain community feedback on the future of downtown and learn what citizens feel are the challenges facing the city in future years.
   "Data and comments we receive from this survey will assist the City Council in our decision-making regarding existing and future capital improvement projects, programs and services," notes Mayor Scott Hageman. "For example, if the majority of the citizens surveyed support a particular issue, this will help the Council incorporate the community's needs as we address our long term growth."
   The questionnaire will include closed-ended questions in which citizens rate the importance of a particular need, concern or issue; open-ended questions that allow for specific comments, and demographic questions. It is estimated that 7 - 10 minutes is needed to complete the survey.
   Results of the survey will be provided to the City Council prior to their Spring Retreat.
   Results will also be published in the city's May-June Newsletter scheduled for distribution in late May.
   Says Hageman "If you are contacted, we hope you will answer the call. Your opinion is important to us."
   For more information, contact Marie Stake, Communications Coordinator, (425) 489-2700 or e-mail