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February 4, 2002

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Home-invasion suspects nabbed

In less than a week, police apprehended all five suspects thought to be involved in the Woodinville and Bothell home-invasion robberies that occurred Jan. 24 and 25, approximately one hour apart.
   "We have everyone in custody that we were looking for," said Capt. Bob Woolverton of the City of Bothell Police Department.
   The late-night robberies were similar. In each incident, apartment residents answered knocks at their doors. When the doors were opened, an 18-year-old female stood in the doorway. But four males pushed their way into the apartments, forcing everyone inside onto the floor. The suspects took electronic items, money and jewelry.
   In the Bothell home invasion, one man was shot in the face and hand. Another was brutally beaten in the head with a pistol. In the Woodinville home invasion, one victim was hit in the face with a handgun and another was kicked while he lay on the floor.
   Around 3 p.m. the Monday after the crimes were committed, Marqus Jamal Jones, 22, exited a Bellevue apartment in the 14400 block of Northeast 31st Street. According to the King County Prosecutor's Office, Bothell detectives had been staking out the apartment based on a tip. Police reports indicated when Jones drove away, officers tailed him. They later arrested him and returned to the apartment to find Jenny Marie Amick, 18, thought to be the young woman who appeared at the apartment doors of the victims.
   Amick and Jones, both of Bellevue, were charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree assault and are being held in the King County Jail. Bail has been set at a half million dollars for each.
   Later in the week police returned to the Bellevue apartment with a search warrant. Inside, they found items taken in the Woodinville robbery, said Capt. Woolverton.
   Three other suspects are in custody. Charging information was not available at the time this newspaper went to press.
   A third suspect, it turns out, was already in jail. The 31-year-old, said Capt. Woolverton, was picked up on an outstanding arrest warrant on unrelated charges sometime after the robberies.
   "We believe he is the suspected shooter," said Capt. Woolverton.
   After police identified the name of yet another suspect, they went to the 22-year-old's Ballard home last Thursday night, Jan. 31, and arrested him there.
   A final suspect, a 27-year-old Seattle resident, was also arrested Jan. 31 as he left his place of work in the Rainier Valley.