Northwest NEWS

February 11, 2002


Sorenson School has new home

by Ford Waterstrat, Administrator, Sorenson Early Childhood Center
   The Sorenson site has been a fixture in Woodinville for 30 years. The Sorenson school site opened in 1972. It was named after Chris O. Sorenson, a member of the Bothell School Board in 1949. Sorenson led the move to establish a special school for children with special needs. It was during this time that the Bothell School District was renamed the Northshore School District.
   Over the years, the C.O. Sorenson school has housed many programs for children with special needs. Prior to the opening of Woodmoor Elementary School, Sorenson housed special needs programs for students from pre-kindergarten through grade six.
   There have been thousands of students and families that have benefited from Sorenson's programs which include special education teachers, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, vision and mobility services, and audiological services.
   The Sorenson school currently houses an early childhood program, which provides services to children three through five years old who have developmental delays. In addition, it houses two Head Start classrooms.
   The Sorenson school's last day at it current site was Feb. 8. The school will be moving to a new building at 19705 88th Ave. NE in Bothell just north of Westhill Elementary. Doors opened on Feb. 11.
   The school's name will change from C.O. Sorenson to Sorenson Early Childhood Center. Sorenson Early Childhood Center will continue to provide services to young children with developmental delays, the Head Start program, child find screening, and I-728 and Readiness to Learn family advocates for families with children birth through five years.
   The Sorenson Early Childhood Center's belief is that essential learning begins prior to kindergarten.
   Families with questions about any of the Center's programs should call (425) 489-6376.
   The following are samples of letters from parents talking about what the Sorenson program has meant to their children and families:
   "We came to be involved with C.O.S. when we had a 16 year-old girl with Down Syndrome that had not ever been in a school system. Sorenson took her in and we saw so much growth in her life. She was able to get a job in a sheltered workshop where she is working at the present time." (The Shandorf family who has provided a bus for field trips for many years for C.O.S.)
   "The undying dedication and commitment the teachers have for our little people is none other than a blessing to enrich our lives." (A parent of a current child at Sorenson)
   " . . . I appreciate the fact that this program is available to families that have only one income so we can get our daughter started early, and prepared for kindergarten." (From a Head Start parent)
   "The school/program has also done a lot for me as a single parent, and has given me a lot of good information when I need help. It is a wonderful program." (Head Start parent)